Deeply "Ignorant" campaign by Unilever (Dove)!

Credit: Fox News

Unilever (Dove) launched a deeply ignorant campaign recently. Nivea did quite the same with their "White is Purity" campaign not so long ago.

Colourism seems to be a huge problem with these skincare & beauty brands as they keep coming up with such racist campaigns without giving it much thought!

Lola Ogunyemi, the Nigerian model in the ad says the public view of the ad is misinterpreted and she's not a victim then why would Dove apologize and not stand their ground?

It's not a misinterpretation, it's misrepresentation at the most.
The campaign has largely invited the ire from many diverse groups. Some comments have been targeted at colored women trying to validate a point that there is indeed a market for these products because women are vain!

The issue is not about vanity as much as it's about the messaging! So many FMCG and beauty products send out blatantly discriminating messages and the unfortunate truth is, there are consumers for these products because of that!  

"Besides being regressive these ads also play on the minds of young girls. A lot of studies are indicating that these complexes eventually hinder the confidence building of these girls"

It's not about vanity as I reiterated on a thread I started on LinkedIn. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful and become a better version of oneself. Colorism like many other -isms, is indoctrinated and embedded in our social consciousness and these brands play on that! It's the messaging that needs to change. It's easy to blame women but how about changing the message that goes out via these brands that anything other than white needs cleansing? Or in the case of The Walt Disney Company -historically most of their princesses have been demure, and damsels in distress? This is how women and consumers largely - unknowingly buy into this media frenzy...

Case in Point?

The case cited above is why brands like Unilever need a more diverse strategy in its marketing and branding to get the right and inclusive messaging out on the drawing board and eventually to their diverse customers.

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