Diverse Customer: Shoutout: Ben & Jerry : Power of Ice Cream to create Social Change

Image: triplem
Ben & Jerry is creating social change refusing to sell two scoops of the same ice cream in Australia until the country reforms its laws to allow same-sex marriage. Ben & Jerry has always made statements about its product and it's clearly not a selling strategy.  The ice cream brand's commitment to supporting causes like racial injustice, climate change don't have a massive popular support either but the brand sticks to what it believes to be right. So it’s not just the flavor of its ice cream that gets our taste buds spinning! #FoodForThought #MarriageEquality

Update 15th November 2017 :: Love has had a landslide victory' as 'yes' wins ...Australians have emphatically voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage! 

-Amit Anand