Do you know of any homeless Londoners looking for work?

Tap London Has launched a brilliant initiative for London's homeless.

Perhaps that person you buy a sandwich once in a while, or someone you know has been in and out of hostels. TAP London wants to hear from them. They have sales roles available for an immediate start in Westminster. They pay the London Living Wage, offer training, and most importantly can offer a vital first step back into employment. Please share this far and wide to help get your fellow Londoners off the streets this winter.  

You can contact them on, or message them with the location of someone you know. 

I believe this commitment in tackling London's homelessness, helping the homeless to take a step away from the streets, get skilled and gainful employment is a great start and Tap London's model can easily scale up to other cities within the UK and abroad.

- Amit Anand