EVP = CVP, Engaged Or Enraged Employees = Happy Or Sad Customers!


An old ad campaign from Zappos (acquired by Amazon) once mesmerized me with its slogan “Happy People Making People Happy.” The company advocated “WOW”-factor customer service ideology to build its brand. This slogan has since then been stuck in all forms of customer advocacy and engagement assignments I undertake for my clients.

It has been highly documented and researched upon that high engagement among employees leads to happy customers. Let us just assimilate some past and recent research in papers presented by Gallup, Bain, Tempkin, Essilor identifying the correlation between engaged employees and the factors affecting loyalty of customers and lack thereof on account of an enraged employee:

“It’s intuitive that customer advocacy closely correlates with employee (Bain)

“Highly engaged business units achieve a 10% increase in customer metrics and a 20% increase in sales.” (Gallup)

“Employees who are actively disengaged have the opposite effect on their organization’s prosperity and growth. They are more likely to steal from their company, negatively influence their coworkers, miss workdays and drive customers away. Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $483 billion to $605 billion each year in lost productivity.”(Gallup)

“What is most important is that candidates come away with a sense of why a company exists, what its reputation is and how it is positioned to capture more customers. Any company can say it has been around for ‘x’ number of years, but employees need to hear a story that resonates with them — one that is unique, genuine and compelling.”(Gallup)

Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers” (Bruce Temkin Six Laws of Customer Experience)

Infographic: Forbes

Employee Engagement: The Wonder Drug For Customer Satisfaction by Kevin Kruse 

Employee engagement impacts customer loyalty in more ways than one. It impacts not just quality, production but also innovation and reputation.

Organisations clearly understand that by creating a value proposition for both employees and customers will lead to profitability and a step-up on their competitiveness. 

At Diverse Customer, we work on this very equation EVP = CVP. No one better understands than us the inside out methodology and execute it creatively and effectively. Because, we not only create your Unique Selling Point, We also convert that into the best version of Value Proposition for both your Employees and Customers. We build an inclusive landscape that is employee-driven in which the customer-first ecosystem thrives...

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-Amit Anand