Jim Carrey, Diesel, FedEx, Peta #BehindTheLeather - the Power of Conscious Messaging #GOWITHTHEFLAW

I want to give a little perspective to people who are skeptical of this video. This story has obviously died down now but many people predicted Jim Carrey's declining mental health and that shows how subjectively they have come to that conclusion just by watching his interview and him saying: "There's no meaning to any of this" - Profound. Yes. Mental. No.

I wouldn't say that his interview was awe-inspiring and any less awkward, but it definitely leaves a lot of room for thought. He's not selling an ideology and it's not his version of weird and weirder or dumb and dumber. A deep thinker, an avid speaker like Jim Carrey used the power of conscious messaging. Conscious messaging is like modern art - Beautiful, Contemporary, Adaptive, Immersive and Subliminal ... It can have many Connotations, Interpretations and, Conclusions. It is definitely not denotative and hence often leaves us confused because we are conditioned to think within the conventional matrix of perfection and righteousness. And sometimes, it is good to challenge that status quo because it makes us think that messaging doesn't have to look pretty or perfect, always as long it is putting its point across - ambiguous, negative or imperfect.
Diesel came with a unique campaign called #GOWITHTHEFLAW supporting Jim Carrey: Speaking your mind, without carefully choosing your words or going with the typical speech for the occasion, might be considered wrong and inappropriate to some. BUT Not to us. Thanks for not going with the flow, Jim. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Perfection is Boring and Jim Carrey is challenging the conformity of the common interviews we have in these events. So here is a great opportunity to spread the message of our campaign and to quote him on an “ambush” poster guerrilla marketing which was done just for one day in NYC.

Source: Diesel, RIL


Here is another example. FedEx could just stick to literal messaging but they chose to go the opposite way:

Image: FedEx

Peta has always been vocal about the connection between animal cruelty and the fashion industry... perhaps the best examples of hard-hitting forms of conscious messaging come from them::

-Amit Anand