Diverse Customer : #Bril #Campaign Revisited : Colgate : The Subliminal Messaging

We revisit an old Colgate campaign led by Y&R’s brand creatives Rui Branquinho and Flavio Casarotti. This brilliant piece of advertising used the power of the subliminal messaging.

David Ogilvy, the modern Father of Advertising, once shared this great quote: “A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.” 

In this case the attention is not on Colgate as much as it’s on the food remaining on the teeth. The messaging is subtle yet impactful because it immediately draws our attention to personal hygiene and the undeniable need for dental floss!

Often the best campaigns and messaging we design for our Inclusive clients who reach out to Diverse Customers involve the fine art of subliminal messaging, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the demographic cohort that's the focus of that campaign.