Diverse Customer : Shoutout : CVS Marketing and The Unretouched coup d'état

I recall the hoo-ha created when celebs like Madonna (Interview magazine); Kate Moss(Vogue Italia spread shot by Peter Lindbergh); Beyoncé's leaked L’Oréal cosmetics campaign with clearly visible uneven skin tone; Cindy Crawford's much debated stretch marks via Marie Claire Mexico..to countless images of acceptance across social media in celebrating cellulite to the moviedom's adaption of real beauty, real woman and beautiful from the inside, world over - The notion of beauty, objectifying beauty and its complexities are changing and revelling in this fact that flaws, imperfections, wrinkles, cellulite, scars and moles are perfectly normal!

Authenticity is now officially infectious.

Diverse Customer salutes CVS MARKETING for banning Photoshopping and other image manipulation in the marketing and promotion of its store-brand makeup. 

It’s an acknowledgement that “unrealistic body images" are "a significant driver of health issues," especially among women. The ban will take full effect by April 2019. USA TODAY

Time for other cosmetics stores and beauty business integrators to follow suit?