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This is what happens when a vision of authentic equality turns into self-absorbed chauvinism and hatred. Women who are TRANS are WOMEN. People's cisgender privilege doesn’t change that. Discrimination and biases exist in many countries for the LGBTQ community. Each one of us can, as allies, stand up to the misogynistic and misandristic attitudes.

Transphobia and Homophobia have many many dimensions...The slogan on the placard that the lady's holding:: "Trans ideology is misogyny and homophobic" "Being a woman isn't a feeling. Put a costume and a performance "

Personally to me, that is a pure punitive mindset...There are lesbians and bi women. There are also women that do not conform to a gender identity that is culturally associated with their assigned sex. They go through a lot of misogynistic blabber like the one on the placard. Unfortunately, it is often perpetrated by a lack of perspective, empathy and an understanding at the cost of hurting feelings.
Similarly, there are men with inconsistent gender identities. They dress like women, act like women..they want to be women inside and out. Whether they have the desire to permanently transition to the gender with which they identify shouldn't be the reason to call them fake. It is

This *Follow the GSN link please 👇 transmisogynistic sign was spotted at the Vancouver Women's March | GSN