The Nutella Melee of 2018 - Banal Consumerism?

The supermarket chain's (Intermarché) decision to reduce the price by 70pc has resulted in the Nutella melee of 2018 in France! The doorbuster sale is literally breaking bad for a délicieux spread of cocoa!  

The chaos that ensued isn't the making of Nutella|Ferrero's obviously. Retail stores have a right to discount as much as they like when they don't have a sales or distribution agreement that precludes them from doing so. We've all heard about frenzy marketing tactics like Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Alibaba's Singles Day and their global equivalent where marketers create hype to sell products but this sort of consumer frenzy doesn’t focus on the product as much as on the desire to have it at all cost! 

The characteristic is very similar to "must get my hands on it induced by the pressures from peers and the media. This is a perfect example of banal consumerism seeking a way to break out. 

"One woman had her hair pulled, another's hand was bleeding and an elderly woman was hit over the head with a box. It was horrible."|Independent

I mean, We love Nutella, but getting battered for it isn't in our bucketlist! No, Thank you!