Diverse Customer : Celebrate : Black History Month

Image by Solonje Burnett-Loucas

We all have an innate strength of forging camaraderie and respect for each other. Most of humanity is hankering for equality and equity. We at Diverse Customer rally big on Diversity too, but we are also equally vocal about creating equality in our content for our clients and their customers by diminishing all forms of group-thinking and exclusion. We believe everyone is an ally and a friend and we continue to choose to show support for a cause, any cause that is driven by inclusion and we stick with it, without any oppositional attitude toward anyone who has conflicting viewpoints.

We are battling for humanity, always carrying with us love, respect and humility in our armoury.

Such a powerful message on the placard! Full credits to: Solonje Burnett-Loucas for sharing our sentiment.