Diverse Customer : Support: #MumbaiPride2018

A powerful takeaway from #MumbaiPride2018 : "Gay is not a choice, but Bigotry is"

Few months back, The Honourable Supreme Court of India ruled that Privacy is a Fundamental Right. It also upheld sexual orientation an essential attribute of Privacy. A landmark judgement if ever there was one! 

The privacy verdict stated: "Sexual orientation is an essential attribute of privacy. Discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply offensive to the dignity and self-worth of the individual. Equality demands that the sexual orientation of each individual in society must be protected on an even platform. The right to privacy and the protection of sexual orientation lies at the core of the fundamental rights guaranteed by Articles 14, 15, and 21 of the Constitution," said Justice Chandrachud. (Source: News18) #inclusion #diversity #lgbtq #humanrights #India #privacy #society

We applaud these gradual steps to progression in India.