Inclusive and Intercultural Communications Workshops in Europe!

Six Cities, Six Countries! February is definitely beginning on a flying start.

What am I going to be talking about?

I'm conducting an Inclusive and Intercultural Communications workshop #WeAreBeautifullyDifferent for a client. 

What is it all about?

Inclusive communication is about sharing information in a way that everybody can get your message without feeling excluded, hurtful, or offensive. To be able to inclusively communicate means we recognize the fact that people we engage with express themselves in different ways and hence there cannot be one single, uniform, and consistent method in communicating with them. Also, it is not ok to assume that people who are, act, or look different from us must think differently or should be treated differently because of it. The key to inclusive communication is not in amplifying differences but to make communication and comprehension of it, more accessible to everyone regardless of the perceived difference.

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The key takeaways from this workshop are to develop inclusive and intercultural communications skills in engaging with diverse audiences and diverse groups or talent. You can ask me for the course content and I will be happy to share some case studies etc. and examples of my work.

The course content is a good reference point for the C-suite, Leaders, Marketing and Communications professionals, Human Resources, and Diversity Professionals amongst others.

- Amit Anand