Under Scanner : Suit Supply and Swarovski : Diversity - A Customer Acquisition Ploy?

Credits : Image: Suit Supply

The image above is appealing and eye catching. Dutch men’s clothing retailer Suit Supply, known for 'controversy with their advertising strategy, did it again. 'Everyone is talking about its SS18 campaign, showing dapper men kissing. Nothing wrong with men kissing per se. But is it a celebration of love or merely another marketing ploy, a pretentious gimmick of using diversity just for the sake of it? 

How committed are these brands to LGBTQ+ Inclusion?

Although we aren't saying Suit Supply is being pretentious.

However, the push for 🌈 advertise during the pride month makes us question the sincerity of some brands. We know of incessant branding push during Pride Month and there is a term for it: Rainbow Branding or Capitalism. We feel the same push during Women's Day or Black History Month. Are these brands really committed to the cause because action shows the commitment! Just raising a flag and changing the logo once a year - that's not a 100% commitment. Or is it? 

We see it as somewhat of a ploy and a forced affiliation with causes to remain relevant and appear woke.

Swarovski's 2017 holiday TV campaign showing model Karlie Kloss hosting a Christmas party, with guests including Naomi Campbell and Boy George and a dozen other "diverse" folks charging into the thick of the fray. Despite the big names, though, it all looks a bit forced, in-your-face advertising. It seems only exaggerated than authentic. Is it really the dose of sparkle or the lack of it? Is it really the diversity of perspectives or pure marketing innovation - put up a massive representation of a Diverse cohort to sell your wares and pretend to be inclusive? 

Although Swarovski's efforts in making diversity more visible in the mainstream are exemplary, this advert does seem a bit off, frankly.

Many organisations work on the surface level while remaining ignorant to the challenges of the communities they pretentiously represent in their marketing campaigns.
Any thoughts, readers?