Are we in Wakanda yet? Plus, Is Chinese Media promulgating racism?

We take a leaf from Arianna Huffington's recent statement to begin our conversation
"Children need a diverse universe of media images. And for the most part, they haven’t had one.."

Having the need for a diverse universe of media images, especially in films is required to create a more informed cadre of children by not allowing them to accept or endorse prejudices, biases and stereotypes that media has perpetuated in the past. It is indeed very important that the children are exposed to content with diversity as it is at this stage where they might form many of their judgements and perceptions! 

Perhaps the Chinese Media should take some lessons on inclusive communications too. If you'd ask us what we mean, consider this quote by Anthony Fauci 

"Well I think the media has a very powerful influence on almost anything and everything we do because the general public gets their perception of what is going on in things they don't have immediate access to from what they get through the media." 

Media can influence anyone, and not just children, the youth..choosing to break the barriers of stereotyping it has helped perpetuate or choosing to promote a narrative that lends itself to an increase in views as opposed to diversity, inclusion and acceptance :

These incidents may seem one off but definitely a juxtaposition many in India and Africa saw as racist. There aren't regulations in place for a foreign media's display of ignorance. But, there are lessons to be learned despite a half-century of trying to address these kinds of issues in varying ways, we're not in Wakanda just yet :

Black Panther reviews from China call the superhero movie 'too black' and 'a torture for the eyes'

Which also brings us to the movie Black Panther, a trendsetting movie at that, in many, many ways especially for the portrayal of a science leader by a young woman that resonates along the lines of Hidden Figures but the icing is in the representation with a predominantly black-cast that shatters all typical stereotypes, often been depicted in the mainstream, be it the films or the mass media.