McDonald's Upside Down Logo Plus An Ode to Brands that changed their Logos honouring Women on International Women's Day 2018!

Image: CNBC
McDonald's is flipping their iconic arches in honouring and celebration of the International Women's Day today.

Quite like Johnnie Walker's unveiling Jane Walker, the first-ever female iteration of the brand’s Striding Man logo. We said it earlier and we say it, out loud again, guess which brands are more likely to be successful? It’s what we call the Symbolism Vs Substance paradox as appearance of authenticity cannot be created in the absence of honesty.

Today’s cultural shifts are based on the premise of doing and action, not on talking alone and in the case of Johnnie Walker and McDonald's, it is about a simple and clever extension of the brand and one, that makes a stand too!

For consumers it’s about what brands do, and not what brands say. By changing their iconic logos these brands are spotlighting on the importance of making a real difference that resonates very well with consumers’ sentiments who give more importance to substance than symbolism. It is an astute way to begin a conversation about social responsibility with continued and widespread adoption of inclusive practices and wading in on current social or political issues globally. It shows that the benevolent channel is becoming an integral part of the advertising and marketing strategy. 

At Diverse Customer, we want to congratulate McDonald's for flipping their iconic arches because that has truly struck a nice balance here with their label and marketing.

Happy International Women's Day 2018. 

Images from Bored Panda 🐼 and, Jane Walker Image credit : Diageo