Diverse Customer : Debate : #IAmGay : Sina Weibo

We believe any kind of intolerance against the right to freedom of expression is condemnable.  It is unfortunate that expressionism has become a subject of ridicule and fodder to ignite homophobic fanaticism by Sina Weibo. Its announcement that it was trying to limit the spread of sexually suggestive i.e. GAY MEDIA and comparing it to violent and pornographic content is a pathetic attempt to promote a “clear and harmonious” environment!

Polarities exist unfortunately despite high level of awareness in China and many Chinese are speaking vehemently against the ban with a deluge of supportive Comments, Hastags #IAmGay and Rainbow Emojis! to show their support for the LGBT community. The Chinese social media should rather focus on creating diversity in order to adjust to the changing demographics of the Chinese society. The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect for differences. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing individual differences. Sadly, they are doing just the opposite!