Love Sinéad Burke, in Burberry for BoF's special print edition 'The Age of Influence'

Love Sinéad Burke, in Burberry for BoF's special print edition 'The Age of Influence'.

The three-and-a-half-foot activist (and having said that, it is not an emphasis on her height as much what she stands for, the strength of her character would be more like it!) and encourages the fashion industry to design for differently-abled people.

Circling back on the Tommy Hilfiger post I did earlier. Simply put, brilliant stuff by these fashion labels because of the fresh perspectives they are introducing on inclusivity in the industry.
Disability = Different Ability.

(Photo: Tim Walker. Styling: Nikhil Mansata.)
Credit: #DiversityRules

On an important note, Disability is always seen as a limitation at the workplace because differently-abled people are shut out of job market due to many biases that play on repeatedly. There is less representation and role models to look up to and organisations are to be blamed for creating this lack of opportunity. Sadly, this is the way corporate world works and being a D&I coach, my job is not only educating organisations in this aspect but also ensuring that differently-abled people are able to find relevant work and be able to grow in their respective careers.

What fashion labels like Tommy Hilfiger are doing is empowering differently-abled by prioritizing their abilities over their disabilities and challenge the stigma, discrimination and bias against disability on or off the runway, for this we give them our ♥ felt thank you!

- Amit Anand