The Case of Race & Starbucks

Racial discrimination is not an isolated problem and the incident at a Philadelphia Starbucks has played many times albeit in different tunes. Black men being overly scrutinized and undervalued.

Many corporations end up trying too hard to tie in social messaging and fall flat on their face because they fail to practice what they preach. Starbucks did the same with a well-meaning campaign back in the days which aimed to spark conversations about race relations by having their baristas write the phrase "Race Together" on Starbucks cups. 

This time around it's a more practical approach with the resolve to educate for racial-bias training...for acknowledging their corporate responsibility and for taking action to confront a racially charged uproar over the wrongful arrest. It's not really a Starbucks issue alone, it's also an issue with how such incidents are tackled by law enforcement.