The Social Network Snub and the GDPR Diaries

Senator Durbin destroys Mark Zuckerberg's The Social Network in 38 seconds flat! We are impressed by some of the Congress' questions that were on point. Most end-users don't grasp social media tech that well or even read terms of service. Mark did well too considering the backlash, he managed not to reveal much.  

We believe ownership of privacy data is one of the most pressing digital issues of our times. It's really not about fixing privacy, the FB's Cambridge Analytica incident and the reasoning how easily private data can be used to sway behaviours and influence people (Brexit/ US Elections et al ..get the drift!)  on the contrary raises awareness about how valuable privacy is and how social media platforms are harvesting our data or selling it to even banned third party brokers! Agreed it's a free platform and we are the product argument. Agreed many multinationals use Facebook as a social platform to advertise and microtarget users based on publicly available data (Targeted Advertising). Agreed, Facebook is tracking non-users to target ads.  Also agreed, Facebook MAY NOT(:)) be packaging user data and selling it but the data points are definitely vulnerable to exposure and manipulations.

Also being the product without knowing our rights because of the complexity and the increased sales orientation of the social platforms heaping on us without our knowing and willing participation is all pervasive and harmful to say the least. 

A new report also ties Facebook for violating users' privacy by using facial recognition tool without explicit consent.

❌Political Lobbying 
✅Data Privacy

The GDPR affects European/ non-European and the businesses in the European Economic Area (EEA) by making disclosures mandatory in obtaining consent from end-users and giving them explicit right to revoke consent if the need be akin to unsubscribing and the ease that ensues. That's why GDPR data protection should become a worldwide default and not just an exception only in the EU.