Is #MeToo a ‘Pathological Campaign’? Stanislav Bernard of the Czech Brewer, The Bernard Brewery believes so!


Czech beermaker condemns #MeToo movement, calls campaign ‘a symptom of a sick society’

When the aggression cannot be directed elsewhere, it falls right down to vilifying a campaign like #MeToo that has emboldened and united women against sexual harassment and manipulative behaviours of strutting machismo to force sexual gratification. By calling it mass hysteria, and "Pathological" …  well clearly, is a bigoted view coming from a sexist, vile and threatened man. What can be expected from him or his beer brand that’s been a routine front-runner for the Sexist Piggie Awards (Sexistické prasátečko in Czech), an event that compiles the worst examples of sexism in advertising.. I'm sure he'll win next time around with this ignorant tirade! 

Good ploy to sell your beer, dear! 

The Man himself, Stanislav Bernard, "Mocking" as usual.

Mass Hysteria? Witch Hunt? And now, Pathological Campaign. #MeToo is having something of a moment and getting defined and redefined in myriad narratives. No, I'm not trying to dilute the power of the movement, I'm merely reiterating that women are getting together not just because of their gender alone.. but also because they want to take a united stand against the narrow, unrealistic historically gendered divisions in the wake of cultural preconceptions of their role in society and many enforced expectations of being perceived as the weaker sex far too long....

There are roadblocks, simply misunderstood contentions, missteps in varied ways in which women have been labelled and categorised for participating in this campaign :: ::

But with great certainty it can be said that every step counts in the #MeToo conversation with an unrestrained persistence to prevail that is shattering many stereotypes along the way.

Women around the world have been taking to the streets, in walks and marches and these visuals now represent the reality, not of a movement but that of a revolution!

-Amit Anand