Vogue Italia = 0 | Gigi Hadid = 1 | Diverse Models = 100

Image Credit : Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia's recent Cover Photo with Gigi Hadid appearing in a darker skin tone has invited lot of flak. Although blaming Gigi Hadid for it is absolutely unjustified.

We should respect, accept and let people be as they are.

@Vogue your spread raises some questions :: 

1. Why make models darken or paler?

2. If diversity is what you intended to convey then why not offer the cover photo to a diverse model ?

3. It's not like there aren't any diverse models out there who are as famous as Gigi Hadid!

4. Why is it difficult to accept any model's natural beauty?

5. I can understand the argument to enhance beauty, but this isn't enhancing, this is demeaning beauty at the most where all the magazine could do was - just hire a model of color (although I don't like to make that categorical insight.. I prefer to use Diverse Model but just throwing some emphasis on the change in skin tone because that being the basis to demonstrate diversity is a very pathetic attempt by Vogue)