#AboutLastNight National Icon Awards 2018 Winner! VIVATECH 2018 and, MY WHY of Diversity.

Dear Readers,
I'm sorry about being quiet lately. I was in Paris to attend the VivaTech 2018 mega event. VivaTech is the world's rendezvous for start-ups and leaders to celebrate innovation ... Had the chance to listen to the inaugural keynote by President Macron of the French Republic.

I'm a huge fan! Plus VivaTech's CEO forum attracted speakers like Satya Nadella and Mark Zuckerberg. Indeed, France is the new gateway to Europe and an interesting forum I attended about Equality led by the Equality Chief of Salesforce, Tony Prophet; Peggy Johnson, EVP, Business Development at Microsoft; Deemah AlYahya, Chief of MISK Innovation, MISK Foundation, and Ann Rosenberg, SVP and Global Head of SAP Next-Gen University.

I love talking about Diversity because to me Diversity is the essence of Unity. I help companies orient with this thought that Diversity is not a responsibility, but an opportunity. A lot of my coaching on inclusive and intercultural communications revolves around changing perceptions and biases. Diversity allows people to create empathy with people they don't understand and once an understanding of the perceived difference is achieved, acceptance and inclusion ensue. 

Anyhow, this is me at the NATIONAL ICON AWARDS 2018 with my trophy🏆 for my contribution in amplifying diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Awards are a good barometer to gauge if I'm on the right track and even if it may seem like little.. I'm glad I'm able to make some difference in lives I'm able to influence and voices I'm able to represent and amplify ...the communities 
I've been able to build from strength to strength. The award is special because it's a recognition from my home country.

- Amit Anand