Diverse Customer Shoutout : No More Guess -ing!

Paul Marciano & Kate Upton Image Credit: ABC NEWS

I am happy for Kate Upton as finally Guess Co-Founder, Paul Marciano's decision to resign after sexual misconduct probe launched following her revelation has put things in perspective for the fashion brand. 

Guess has been one of my favourite brands, I was a Guess Access Blogger at one time and the brand has special place in my heart. Following my previous post on workplace romances in the age of #MeToo, I also emphasized on the point of sexual harassment at the workplace. How colleagues communicate with each other is important as is necessary to report any untoward, inappropriate comments or communication via texts and crossing boundaries of trust through unwanted advances etc. 

Read the post and let me know your perspective readers:

Workplace Romance in the Age of #MeToo – Yea! Or Nay? Lululemon Athletica and Guess = Guided and Misguided?