Diverse Customer Shoutout: Google's gone Vegan but how many would actually be able to Digest their growing appetite for Diversity?

Image: https://news.sky.com/

Google's push towards increased diversity and inclusion isn't new. We applaud Google. It's important that the company reflects the rich diversity of its customers. People may argue that these efforts are minuscule compared to the company's efforts in neutralizing more topical issues. We beg to differ of course. Even a small star shines in the dark :)

1. The company has been in the news for its efforts in the recent past be it the infamous James Damore memo that got him fired and his subsequent lawsuit alleging discrimination to :

2. Unfair pay practices doing rounds around the company's gender-based pay disparity challenges. And then yet again :

3. Google’s parent company, Alphabet rejecting a very recent employee-backed plan to link executive pay to diversity goals including having more ideological diversity on its board!

That's another topic that needs a lot of introspection. Monetary reward for embracing diversity - does sound wrong. Does this mean every good behaviour must be compensated?

We believe, this isn't just about a monetary reward to embrace diversity but to drive diversity to a meaningful conclusion and it's not rocket science to understand that it impacts both the top and the bottom line. We also believe many diversity initiatives fizzle out because they lack steam and buy-in from executives, the c-suite and the leadership and equating business impact to good behaviour doesn't seem befitting to the argument!

If this initiative does take off in organisations i.e. tying Executive Bonus to Diversity initiatives, it’s going to be another feather in diversity's cap albeit ruffling a lot of feathers in its wake!

Advocating Diversity and Implementing it - It’s never been a path of least resistance.. Google seems to understand this quite well!