100th Post! and 10,000 #GreenDrive #GreenInitiatives - Record in its own right!

I am happy today because this is Diverse Customer's 100th post! More so, as today marks the day to also become part of the Green Drive led by Green Siddhi and plant 10,000 saplings in 5 hours in a small village in the outskirts of the capital city of New Delhi.

This was a record in its own right! But that is exactly where the focus isn't heading! Instead, the focus is on hashtagcommunity participation and having a shared vision to plant as many trees as we all can and help contribute to reducing hashtagcarbon emissions that impact hashtagclimate change and take hashtaggreen initiatives to villages, towns and cities and incite people to commit towards hashtagconservation and hashtagecological balance!

hashtagWe need more ways to connect with hashtagnature and just being concerned about it or the hashtagenvironment isn't enough.. We need more ways to get hashtaginvolved by acknowledging our responsibility. Why? Because the essence of hashtagignorance is the hashtagobliteration of hashtagresponsibility. We can either be concerned and remain forever ignorant of the Environmental degradation or do something about it and take some action!

The non-profit behind the plantation drive have resolved to look after the saplings. Hundreds of eco-warriors/volunteers are involved to ensure these saplings are nurtured and taken care of.

- Amit Anand