Diverse Customer Shoutout: The British Army and, NYPD - A big boost to Sikh Inclusion & Identity

We are proud to see representation winning and applaud the British Army and NYPD for their spirit of Inclusion - indeed a new world order both from a cultural and religious context
We are happy to see that age-old paradigms are being challenged instead of getting reinforced!  

Obviously, this isn't the first time but now it is happening in quick succession, we definitely think there is a bigger shift towards universal acceptance within powerful institutions that are becoming the harbinger of change. 

Even more proud of Charanpreet Singh Lall of the British Army and Gursoch Kaur of NYPD as their sheer grit has led them to pave way for many young men and women who want to serve their countries without having to change their identity, in this case, the Dastaar or Pagแน›i (Turban) which in Sikhism is significantly connected to a Sikh's honor. 

Sikhism is based on the tenets of equality.

The British Army and NYPD's push for greater representation of Sikhs is a testament to their resolve in creating an environment that’s not only conducive for the Sikh to retain their identity and serve their country with utmost self-respect but also to allow people of all faiths to feel secure and in a place where they truly belong!