Diverse Customer Shoutout: Incredible Indians : Majiziya Bhanu, Sudeeksha Bhati, Asharam Choudhary and Narayana Peesapaty

Our choice of Incredible Indians is as diverse as the list itself! We are not saying there aren't others who are notably as worthy of mention as these if not more, but we begin to take small, meaningful steps to call out in support and respect for many heroes and heroines and we begin with The Fantastic Four who represent a diverse range of skills, each incredible in their own right.

Majiziya Bhanu, a Kerela-based bodybuilder who will also represent India in the World Arm Wrestling Championship to be held in Turkey this year in October. What is commendable about her achievement besides being a world-class sportswoman - she is also full of substance! She is possibly the Indian state's first hijab-clad athlete and she stuck to her choice despite dealing with excessive prejudiced backlash on exercising her choice to wear a hijab and compete.

We salute her spirit and she is a great role model to women in India. One of her statements makes us even more proud of her resolve in the midst of a patriarchal society that remains part of India's fabric:

‘If a woman is free to show her body, why should she not be free to cover it?’ – Bodybuilder Majiziya Bhanu

When we are able to reach the last mile and make everyone part of the mainstream, we head towards a truly benevolent and inclusive society. Two brilliant students who come from lower-income groups have instilled not only confidence but hope in million others who dream big on an upward social mobility in a country like India that may be a diverse country but with huge disparities in terms of education and living standard. It is heartening to see all the support pouring in for students like Sudeeksha Bhati and Asharam Choudhary. However, their efforts despite hardships are undeniable. 

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India has the human capital, a wealth of knowledge to improve the social wellbeing of its citizens. Our next hero is Narayana Peesapaty, Managing 
Director - Bakeys Foods Pvt.Ltd and the inventor 
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