Diverse Customer Shoutout: McKinsey & Company and LGBTQIA+ : The Alliance

Image: GLAM (LGBTQ+) at McKinsey

We applaud McKinsey & Company's resolution in bringing the business community in full support of LGBTQIA+ inclusion at the workplace. The company recently facilitated a congregation of more than 100 business leaders via The Alliance to commit to advancing LGBTQIA+ diversity, not just in their own organizations but in the entirety of society for the community to thrive without inhibitions and fear of persecution. 

It would be great to see the inroads of these initiatives in countries where the community is marginalized and forced to hide their identity. Some countries like India and Lebanon are on the cusp of change (more receptive than many others that aren't, for LGBTQ inclusion), and the business community and organizations like McKinsey can make a profound impact if they persist and deliberate. 

A report from the company reiterates the importance of LGBTQIA+ inclusion at the workplace citing incisive statistics where decisive actions can bring about a positive change: In the 455 million strong global LGBTQ community, only 27% self-identify due to social pressures and legal constraints! 

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