Japan's Medical School's Gender Discrimination + Lens of Exclusion Magnifies on Harvard's Institutional Nepotism

Gender Discrimination Must Stop
When we think of the developed world and the majority of the western hemisphere as we call it, we believe it to be a land of opportunities, a fair and a level playing field for everyone. Developed countries like Japan are supposedly role models for countries that are developing but the reality is far from it. Many underrepresented groups continue to get marginalized and face barriers and discrimination despite the awareness. And this is a worldwide phenomenon even in 2018.  Our belief is belied constantly when we hear of reports like these and that makes us strive to push the equity and equality agenda full throttle to arrest all forms of social malaise targeted towards increasing any or all forms of gender discrimination. Are we ever going to get rid of the global patriarchy? Because it seems like there is still an uneven playing field out there! We are happy at least the issue is being acknowledged and not brushed under the carpet:-
Japanese medical school apologizes for altering results to exclude women

This controversial act of doctoring results so that bright women fail ..How many careers of brilliant women have been blighted with this level of stupidity? A facade is maintained by many prestigious institutions to maintain rankings and funding etc. We already know how divisive issues pertaining to discrimination are. We keep hearing of angry retorts and countless arguments as to why gender pay gap is all-pervasive. Women get married and have kids etc. etc. and tend to resign more because of it kind-of-bullsh*t. There are similarly many theories regarding the gender pay gap for instance that reverberate the same sentiments. Although unrelated to altering results to exclude women, again a tool used to discriminate nonetheless and that is our point here.  It's sad that our society whether developed or underdeveloped tenaciously tries to compartmentalize women and condition them to the age-old mindsets of reinforcing stereotypes - that don’t seem to budge despite best efforts in creating more parity. Women know, that most workplaces and structures of society will prevent them from having a great career if they choose to have kids. It’s like they are forever penalized for giving life/birth to humanity.

Coming close to Japan's Medical School discriminating agenda is Harvard's discriminating admissions process with a systematic weeding of Asian-American applicants giving advantages to legacy students and athletes instead ie. isn't this a case of Institutional Nepotism? 

Now there are opposing views on practicing this administration but to us "legacy students" sounds very privileged in the guise of instilling institutional pride. Its akin to giving a headstart to someone who has done nothing except win a genetic lottery! This is a serious ethical problem. Perhaps, Harvard should run bias tests (Implicit Association Test (IAT) i.e. Harvard’s very own Bias Test) in their own backyard first because their administration's own agendas seem too stereotypically biased!  

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Harvard sued for alleged discrimination against Asian American applicants


Can technology help remove bias in Education? Can Tech help override gatekeepers in institutions so that there is room for merit-based, diversity and equal representation sans any racist, sexist or elitist policies?

-Amit Anand