LGBTQIA+ Equality and Big Win for India!

Congratulations to the LGBTQIA+ community in the country!
Five people have changed the face and fate of a nation! It's the beginning of a new era in human rights protection in India, the second-most populous country and the World's largest democracy. India Supreme Court and Judges are much to thank for this feat, not to forget the countless LGBTQIA+ activists who vehemently fought for equality for decades. There is a wholehearted acceptance to be seen.

Landmark Ruling and a historic judgment! Proud of India! Quoting CJI Dipak Misra because this is a great sentiment to share with an image in the comments section "Section 377 is irrational, arbitrary and incomprehensible as it fetters the right to equality for the LGBT community...LGBT community possesses same equality as other citizens".

Great to see Indian companies joining the celebratory chorus with inclusive and supporting messages: