Shame on Botswana! Botswana Elephant massacre 'largest to date'

Image : ElephantVoice.Org

Botswana elephant massacre 'largest to date'

My skin crawls when I hear of such rampant inhumanity. A nation that can't protect its most benevolent resource, can never achieve progression. In the name of a non-existent conservation, a country cannot allow for such barbarianism to flourish and then conveniently call out critics and animal lovers' concerns of this mass hunt as mass hysteria. It's definitely not civilized then!

Shame on the Botswana government for their absolute apathy. These murdering poachers whether from within the country or in the country illegally, who have ruthlessly hunted the most adorable animals on our planet have the most miserable place booked in hell for them

And we wish the same for consumers who are the cause of this greed and because of their complete disregard and indifference to the life of innocent animals that they consume as trophies, Chinese medicine (one of the biggest contributors to perpetuating ivory trade and trade of animal parts like Tigers etc. in addition) plus whatever else! 

What good is this banal consumerism?

Unfortunately, human greed for over-consumption continues to ravage our planet. For what it matters, the ivory trade should be made illegal and countries that allow rampant hunting on their land regarded as the land of the savages. There are alternatives available to Ivory. The tagua tree produces nuts that can be carved into items that look a lot like ivory. If only planting a tree would take more precedence than taking the life of a beautiful creation of God!

- Amit Anand