Hoodies (Israel) - A Colossal Branding Fail : #FreedomIsBasic . Heightened Ethnocentrism?

Hoodies, an Israeli clothing company's latest commercial shows a woman (Bar Refaeli) ripping off a niqab showing off the brand's Winter '18-19 collection. 

A perfect example of self-sabotaging your brand with a strategy like "Is this Iran?" that inadvertently (or consciously?) slips into a condescending mode of heightened ethnocentrism.

Better luck next time! (Goes out to the team behind this commercial)..Stereotypes are stereotypes. Nothing more. Nothing less!
When a woman gets to choose (without persecution or prejudice)...that is freedom in its true sense! The commercial proves that poor content and messaging will always incite a negative reaction. If the brand aimed at courting controversy and selling its latest collection, then they need to understand that freedom has nothing to do with race or clothes and sales for the most part 😁!