Celebrating Trans Week with a new Program on LGBTQI+ Visibility and Advocacy : Launching LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Training Program

This Trans Week Diverse Customer is pledging to be a Trans Ally.

We are advocating through our workshops to find job opportunities for the community, Starting Reskilling and Upskilling Programs for their seamless transfer into global and inclusive organizations and help with integration and have their voices heard, their presence felt and their contributions appreciated.

Let all allies help raise the visibility of transgender and gender-nonconforming people and be a partner in many ways to address the issues the community faces.

1st Speak up act upon where your support is required, and not our silence.

2nd Help end discrimination by learning to be inclusive and help others learn through education and advocacy.

3rd Value the gender expression more than the genitalia.

Diverse Customer is also starting a program on LGBTQI+ Sensitisation. We are kicking off the program in India first because post-scrapping of Section 377 and decriminalizing acts of homosexuality on September 6, 2018, has led to a renewed enthusiasm in the LGBTQ+ community but with a caveat. There is equality, but little acceptance of sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.

Although, this is a big win for the community in obtaining equality and having the law by their side, yet the acceptance hasn't come through fully as there are many barriers to it. The LGBTQ+ individuals face challenges in the Indian workplace, that are yet to come in terms of the Supreme Court directive, triggered by the judgment. Our sensitisation program delves deeper into this aspect and working along with organizations in India, and globally to make more inclusive policies to end discrimination, harassment, enforced, systematic ignorance based on sexuality and gender expression by inculcating acceptance.. and by ensuring the workplace is ready and adaptable for better integration of LGBTQI+ employees..

Diverse Customer's Gender and Sexual Diversity Comprehensive Program impart LGBTQI+ Sensitivity Training focused on understanding the rights, language, needs, and policies around LGBTQI+ individuals through open community discussion, interactive sessions, learning, and impactful workshops. The program also enables the creation of a charter of acceptance, diversity, and inclusion, policies around legal, health including identifying role models both within and outside the extended ecosystem. Launch employee resource groups, enable community and culture development, engagement, and cultivating a sense of belonging to bring true selves to work, and thrive.

For more details on the program and to request a brochure, please reach out to me at diversecustomer@gmail.com