Diverse Customer Shoutout: Scotland : Inclusive Curriculum

Well Done Scotland to become the first country in the world to embed LGBTI rights curriculum in schools leading the way in acceptance!  Education is the best way to develop young minds to become tolerant and inclusive as they grow to become responsible adults and learn to acknowledge the sexual diversity and LGBTI community as an integral and integrated part of everyday society. 

A more inclusive curriculum helps in sensitizing students and allowing for all gender identities and expressions to flourish. 

It is unfortunate that these highly progressive stances on ditching reinforcing "gender stereotypes" have met with such a regressive tirade.  We strongly believe as gender norms continue to loosen, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, and identity that a diverse learning experience and inclusive curriculum is required to create a more informed cadre of children by not allowing them to accept or endorse prejudices, biases, and stereotypes in the books and media that are instilled with homophobia/ transphobia. It is indeed very important that the children are exposed to content with diversity as it is at this stage where they might form many of their judgments and perceptions! 

- Amit Anand