LIDL UK's #eltonjohnlewis - Tactical Brilliance

We are all loving the John Lewis's 2018 Christmas 🎄 advert telling the story of Sir Elton John being gifted a piano as a young boy.

The Boy and The Piano is a story about the power of gifts and how that gift propelled Sir Elton John's illustrious music career 🎶 🎶 🎶 

But LIDL UK has outdone itself with its reactive advert👏 I'm loving the tactical piece of brilliance.

Much more than the 
Waitrose ad that also made fun of the John Lewis ad recently with their 🎄 campaign. 
I'm sure John Lewis will take it in good nature and might even be flattered to an extent!

#eltonjohnlewis indeed!

And, while you are at it, enjoy the John Lewis ad also :)

The #shouout is for also for advertising with conscious. I applaud the agency that thought of this tactical work. There is so much amazing reactive work that just gets stuck within the walls of the agencies.

-Amit Anand