Happy International Mother Earth Day & World Earth Day - 2019

@The Economist’s  Sustainability Summit

Recently I was approached by a fashion brand to be enlisted as their social influencer on Instagram. I asked them only one question and it wasn't "What's in for me?" I was keen to know about their sustainability footprint. Most fast fashion brands have one these days. They didn't quite understand what I meant. So I rephrased my question and asked them what are they doing about their supply chain, how transparent is it with regards to fair trade, procurement, production, environment, climate change, if not, are there any CSR efforts because I don't see much information on their website or while googling them on this topic... I continued the barrage of questions asking, more specifically: Are you using raw materials such as organic cotton or any other sustainable materials? And, are you still sourcing from garment factories in countries that don't have a great track record of worker safety, etc? All my questions drew a blank. The only thing they said is: "We are doing a lot of things in these areas but we will pay you in lieu of your posts and mentions and pay you more for displaying our banner on your blog." I said I'd like to see more details in what exactly are they doing on the sustainability front before I sign on the dotted line. Nothing since then!

๐Ÿ‘‰The incessant way we source, use, and discard our clothing has major social and environmental implications on the ecosystems that provide us with life & sustenance. 

๐Ÿ‘‰Rethinking the way we use consumables to fulfill our needs and fancies has never been more critical. I have been an advocate of collective consciousness towards conspicuous consumption and we all need to be advocates, so to speak. I'm very mindful of what I buy and show on my social media. "Social Influence" has both the bad and the good. It's up-to influencers to speak with authenticity and amplify the good by being the bearers of mindful purchasing, less impulsive buying and just walk the talk when it comes to endorsing brands. I know for sure that social media has a huge impact on my followers (even though it's minuscule compared to zillions of followers bigger influencers have) to buy into a brand I endorse. ๐Ÿ‘‰I have a responsibility and so do all of us. Its called collective responsibility. To start with, THINK. Sustainability isn't exactly something we think about during our day to day use of products. But being mindful and having it in our heads, just being frugal in buying fast fashion can be phenomenal. Demand creates the supply, so the onus is on us. There are many other ways to contribute of course. ๐Ÿ‘‰I encourage everyone to get involved with local tree-planting campaigns, cleanups, environmental or sustainability, and green awareness programs.

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