The Inclusive Spectrum, Dating, Matrimony and Autism - Tinder, Bumble in review

Image: TOI/Print
I have been researching on how inclusive leading online dating platforms and apps are. I'm researching on the most popular ones like Tinder, Bumble, etc. I had put up requests on my social media pages for people to share their two cents. Interestingly, a lot of people believe that tinder and the likes aren't that inclusive despite having provisions to include some, if not many protected characteristics within their spectrum. Adulting can wait but Diversity shouldn't, is really the crux of the matter. Most of these platforms have succeeded in delivering good user experience and obviously, the associated dopamine rush however very little can be seen with regards to how accessible these are to people who don't constitute the social majority.

Considering that these platforms are good at user acquisition but fail at user retention, they could include as many dimensions to have a common platform to connect thereby also being able to gain more traction in their user base.

My question here is, doesn't it make a great use-case to create a fully-inclusive platform with wider deliverables that continue to widen its spectrum of users with varied dimensions? While this may mean digressing from the core business and target demographic, but it also means replication of model by prospect competition (niche platforms/apps) and challenge them on their turf.

On the other hand, what is emerging now is that many dating platforms are now focusing on a niche. Bumble, for instance, is going forth with a more women-centered approach with their very democratic tagline By women (but) For Everyone. But, there is still a lot of room to include dimensions that aren't the center of focus. Surely platforms like Tinder and Bumble have the ability, resources and a valid reason to break from the perception beyond physicality mindset.

Call to action to everyone committed in supporting inclusive dating/ matrimonial experience.

Which brings me to this brilliant facebook group started by empathetic parents of well-settled intelligent adults, who are on the spectrum( ASD). This definitely touched a chord. The parents in this group have a heartfelt desire that their children can find suitable partners and lead a happy healthy and productive life. The group is open, informal and basically inviting open-minded, understanding and empathetic parents of adults, neurotypicals, not necessarily on the spectrum, any differently-abled adult who are happy to embark on this journey with them. If you are interested you can also leave a message at Inclusive Matrimony Facebook page and kindly share far and wide, so that it reaches everyone. 

Thank you all!!