Diverse Customer: Belief-Driven Mindset : ASOS, TARGET & MAGNUM

Diverse Customer Shoutout to ASOS for giving us an important lesson on Brand Management, Inclusive Communications, and Customer Experience. Especially, using social media as a tool to listen, take decisive action, support and create social impact. Thea Lauryn Chippendale got an insulting, and unsolicited comment on her ASOS-dress in her profile picture on a dating app. That left her, understandably, upset over the unwarranted feedback.. as she shared that exchange on Twitter .

ASOS did something extraordinary. They added that very photo, (yes the one you see right at the top) of Thea Lauryn Chippendale, in the very dress she was ridiculously given feedback for.. in their online catalog. Take a bow Thea Lauryn Chippendale for taking a stand. It takes courage and grace to call out on the filth of a man. You are beautiful in and out. Such small yet timely gesture goes a long way in building affinity towards a brand. ASOS, we salute you!



This brings us to also applauding the new Target swimwear campaign showcasing models of various skin tones, abilities, and body types encouraging body positivity. We see many brands like ASOS and TARGET take a stand, in not just listening to the diverse customers but also having authentic conversations with them...including them in every aspect of the brand experience in addition to prioritizing their needs and keeping sensitivities in check. Thanks to social media platforms that enable frequent, personalized, direct-to-customer interactions, brands today are building much deeper ties with diverse customers than ever before.

The belief-driven mindset has gone mainstream. The 2018 Edelman Earned Brand study is on-point in identifying the pulse of diverse customers and the inclusive expression of the brands. 

Well, Age is indeed, just a number. Need we say more? Ice-Cream is for "All"!