The Burgeoning Diversity in the Pageant Industry

The notion of beauty, objectifying beauty and its complexities are changing. There are sexist and racist trolls that continue to get hackled by diversity winning big in these events as they say the diversity card is being dealt with strongly in the guise of showing political correctness. We are not empowering these trolls but we are addressing their inability to see beauty from a different lens. Frankly, their lens is far from damaged, it is completely shattered. Why is hard for such people to accept anyone’s natural beauty or identity? Why do they think someone different is ugly and they are only winning because they constitute some dimension of diversity or they need to mould themselves into a certain narrative to pass the beauty standards set by such morons? Yes, the caption and the article it has been derived from is old. But, let us not be fooled into believing that this negative sentiment about beauty doesn't exist anymore. It does and it persists.

Because this isn’t an image of beauty as seen and assumed to be befitting. There is a long history of segregation and racism in the pageant industry. Colourism like many other -isms, is indoctrinated and embedded in our social consciousness. It will take a monumental effort to change that mindset but the shift is already underway in a phenomenal way. Not just colour, but almost all dimensions are being included from gender fluidity to different physical and sensory abilities. 

There is a movement away from complacency with the sexist patriarchy to defiance against it.

Many diversity advocates, including us, are sceptical of international pageants because these beauty pageants have largely been viewed as propagating wrong narratives of beauty pressurising women to feel inadequate on many levels. However, going by the recent wins in the most talked about pageants in the world seem to have a distinctive narrative of beauty which is centred on diversity with a strong message to deliver:

Everyone is Beautiful.

To us, these wins are a true reflection and representation of beauty channelling multiracial solidarity and, dismantling established racial hierarchies that have burdened the pageant industry for decades.

The first woman of colour to win Miss Universe Great Britain, Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers, explains why her win contradicts pageantry's traditional idea of beauty.

In her own words, and we absolutely love this excerpt from her interview which is so deep and meaningful and relates to any given the context within the many dimensions & converging themes of diversity at the same time.

"When you are a representation of a beauty standard, sometimes you have to challenge it or it has to become wider so that more people can see themselves reflected in that standard."

From ITV, Link: https://bit.ly/2ObJCuB

More recently, 

In a historic first, the 2019 winners of America's three biggest beauty pageants are all black women.

Pageant industry is also fast catching up on the importance of diverse role models. Pageants like MISS AND MISTER DEAF and MISS WORLD DIVERSITY amongst others are becoming more commonplace. However, the absence of sponsoring agencies for such events is a big challenge as well as how little media coverage these pageants get. Despite the awareness, diversity pageants don't become mainstream news like the Miss World or Miss Universe events. Time to change the definition of mainstream. When old beauty standards don't apply as much, why should the norms to segregate pageants, one from the other remain status quo?