Diverse Customer Trifecta for World Day for Cultural Diversity Dialogue and Development

We are honoring the 2019 United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity Dialogue and Development.

Diverse Customer has been designing and facilitating ways of working with culturally diverse employees and customers. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of having cultural fluency in leaders today to help create culturally diverse environments. 

This day provides us to peek into, assess & evaluate, then deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity. Gender, Race, Religious and Political Views, and Sexual Orientation, Different Abilities, Social disparities, Age, Education - Our differences enrich us with many different skills and experiences and strengthen our talents, allowing us to view life through several different lenses... 

This ability to be culturally responsive is the superpower we all have. 

Today, we can all commit to the fol.:

->Learning about others’ cultural, racial and ethnic identities, perspectives, and experiences and promote a culture of inclusiveness and acceptance; 

->Engage in a process that develops self and others to their fullest potential; 

->Build a sense of collaboration.