Diverse Customer Shoutout: PwC and, Preferred Pronouns

While we are celebrating #PrideMonth with gusto we are also happy to hear news of universal inclusiveness and progressive stance during the proud month of June 2019! Bhutan decriminalized homosexuality and Ecuador's highest court authorized same-sex marriage. Many organizations are showing support in every possible way. We applaud all these organizations like PwC in taking meaningful steps to be as inclusive as possible for the LGBT+ community! PwC staff can add their preferred pronouns at the bottom of their email signatures. It would be great to see these organizations making these inclusive changes across the lager spectrum of the globe i.e. even in countries they have a presence where LGBT+ rights are non-existent. It takes guts to stand up and that is the "real support" the community needs!

Excerpt from the Staff Letter:
Defining one's preferred pronoun acts as a reminder internally, while also building awareness of PwC's commitment to diversity and inclusion externally. Effective immediately, all PwC staff are allowed to add their preferred pronouns at the bottom of their PwC email signature.

A member of one of the LGBT+ groups we subscribe to also said something very relevant about this PwC staff letter. PwC could try being more sensitive to wordings and mind the language:

"Allowed" as a word is also a reminder of who claims to have the power. This isn't Equity or Equality.