Carry On Chanel!

Image Credit: Bet dot com

CHANEL has hired a new (and the first-ever) Head of Diversity and Inclusion: Fiona Pargeter, who previously helmed a similar role at UBS. Unable to comprehend the "farce inclusion" backlash from some quarters who are asking why couldn't CHANEL find a woman/man/non-binary person of color to do the job? There is a similar sentiment across sectors (for instance) in the entertainment business, like for example an able actor playing the role of a differently-abled character or a cisgender person playing a transgender character. In fact, some actors were forced to "voluntarily" step down from playing a certain "diverse" character. As a diversity champion, I vehemently support the correction of the issue of representation. However, I also believe it's time to move past using the selective diversity card everywhere (I like to describe it as "Square peg in a round hole" syndrome) and just focus on "NOT" excluding anyone, even the people who constitute the supposed majority. I believe not to think in Stereotypes. A lot of my diversity colleagues who are working on the issues of representation are from highly represented groups. Isn't talent & the value the person brings to the table more important criteria? Shouldn't it be first about hiring the best man or a woman for the job irrespective of their diverse characteristics?

- Amit Anand