Renée Tirado leads Inclusion and Diversity for Gucci

Image Credit: Gucci, Courtesy of Getty Images

In our hyper-complex, accelerated and globalized society, Inclusion and Diversity is not a challenge but an opportunity. 
An opportunity to evolve and not consider diversity as one more complication among the many or even fundamentally unsustainable but as the only solution to many social fractures that plague the working world. Shortly after CHANEL announced a similar appointment, Gucci has appointed a new Global Head of Diversity, Renée Tirado. Bravo!
I wrote about the many diversity challenges in the luxury industry. Even as on the outside the high the fashion industry seems inclusive, there is a need for deliberate change. Well, better late than never.

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Tirado will be in charge of designing and implementing a new strategy to "create a more inclusive and equitable workplace and increase workforce diversity," Gucci said in a release.

This is an incredibly positive step forward for the luxury fashion industry & I applaud both houses for leading the way to a more diverse & inclusive work force! Renée E. Tirado, Ex-Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Major League Baseball started in private practice and used her legal background to launch into her career in the D&I space. 

-Amit Anand