Success to Stella McCartney. Good Steps in the Right Direction!

Image Credit: Stella McCartney campaign Spring Summer 2018 literally shot in a Landfill

Stella McCartney is my favorite designer. I have written about her earlier also because of my fascination for her fashion brand that is sustainable and aesthetic at the same time. Her name is always referenced with the environment and what can be done right in fashion, by fashion, and for fashion. Perhaps the only designer who fashions her designs and campaigns to solve the pertinent issues that plague the fashion industry especially those that matter to our already ravaged ecosystem, thanks to fast fashion and human indulgence. 

Anyhow, here I am cheering for her recent partnership with LVMH and hoping the house of Stella McCartney further amplifies their sustainability footprint with the backing of a global luxury powerhouse. And perhaps, that goodness of sustainability might just spill over to LVMH.

Close to the LVMH collaboration, Stella McCartney is also making new clothes in partnership with Adidas by liquefying old ones. The idea of recycling and diverting zillion tons of waste is fabulous because innovation is the need of the hour not just to bring awareness to the subject of sustainability but also to change the consumer behavior that’s focused on disposable fashion emphasizing the need to reduce consumption before recycling ♻ 

Image credit: @carladrawz/Instagram

It is difficult to find brands that focus on recycling fabrics because of the emphasis on fast fashion and also the process is perhaps expensive, as well as can impact the integrity of the fabric. 

Some luxury brands outrightly burn and dump their unsold products without giving a thought to upcycling and repurposing. Many top stores across the globe are now taking small steps in selling used clothes. While technology along with positive intent is helping the resale business find customers that care for the environment and not buy from environmentally un-friendly businesses, fashion brands are also edging towards producing more eco-friendly clothes.

- Amit Anand