Praying for The Amazon

Credit : @eco_together on Instagram 

There are many heartbreaking💔 images doing rounds on the internet. Not sure about how credible those are and also if the images fake or not,  are able to cover the magnitude of sheer loss of wildlife, flora and fauna..not also ignoring the repercussions that this loss will entail on our already ravaged natural ecosystem.  The Amazon is Earth's lifeline. Let us give as much importance, attention, thought and prayer to the Amazon as we give to any celebrity or a monument. There is absolutely no comparison as the Amazon is far more important for our survival than any celebrity or a monument. Let us not have any disregard for lifeforces and biodiversity that sustains us.

Praying for The Amazon 🙏🏻

This image is a great reminder to set our priorities right. Notre Dame fire was disheartening and billions pledged for its restoration but unfortunately we don't see the same enthusiasm when our world is burning:

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