Diverse Customer Shoutout: Feroza Aziz for criticizing China's mass detention of minority Muslims in Uighur

China is increasingly facing a global backlash on account of its blatant violation of human rights. There have been major concerns in the APAC due to China's by-hook-or-by-crook expansionist agenda, not to mention the almost year-long crackdown on Hong Kong citizen's right to dissent. The citizens' struggle in Hong Kong has caught worldwide attention although there has been muzzled news about the plight of Muslims in Uighur and LGBT youth in China being abducted by state authorities and being forced into conversion therapies. I read a disturbing Business Insider article about how the organs of the detained minorities in the country are being harvested. All this being done on account of religion, sexual orientation, and holding different political beliefs.

We are however very proud of brave netizens like Feroza Aziz who have used the web's mass medium outreach i. e.  Social media to talk their hearts about concerns for China's blatant violation of human rights. In the shadow of being an economic powerhouse, China seems to have become an increasingly dystopian state. More awareness and support is needed for China's own citizens to speak up and voice their concerns because there have been concrete and systematic steps by state-sponsored media to hide facts from the world and ensure there is absolutely no negative newsfeed in the global media. Obviously it's impossible to sweep everything under the carpet. With Feroza Aziz TikTok account ban it's gone viral which in a way was a blessing in disguise because that opens up a pathway for dialogue and careful introspection of what's happening in China. 

This comes in a time when government surveilling app/ internet users have increased multifold. In the guise of using their services, many apps (and, not just the Chinese ones for that matter) thrive on the superficial comfort of the netizens' insatiable need to feel significant, heard, liked and because of that allow these app companies to inadvertently monitor every aspect of their lives.

It is imperative for the free world to defend the freedom of speech or ban apps worldwide that are promoting state-sponsored agenda and even muzzling freedom of speech, freedom to opinionate or even protest at will.

Although for now, the Chinese-owned video app said it would review its policies and blamed "human moderation error". Its time to keep a tight watch on such occurrences becoming habitual.