Diverse Customer : Native Advertorials : New Service Launched : Diversity Sounding Board for Diversity Jobs & Finding the Right Diversity Talent

D&I Native Advertorials, Diversity Outreach, Diversity Sounding Board  📢

A diverse audience cannot be serviced without an inclusive perspective. To maximize the revenue of products and services offered by organizations, they need diversity amongst the people building and managing those products and services, if not – there will always be a blind spot in the companies and a perspective that the companies are unaware of. We help develop a strategy that is subtle yet impactful through blog posts, social media outreach, reaching out to our vast network of Diversity professionals across diverse channels, networks, groups, and forums. Basically, we are a sounding board made of and made for Diversity professionals. We help design organizations' D&I Digital footprint in three easy steps:

Step 1. Native advertorials that are focused on diversity. This is generally part of the larger content-driven approach that relays the message targetted to help demographers reach their intended audience and engage with them at a deeper level.

Step 2. Outreach to relevant groups to maximize engagement and participation of the targetted cohort. As an example, Diverse Customer has more than 40K D&I combined Subscribers across our social media channels. Mind you, we are not a job board or a resume database of diversity professionals. We are sounding board with a very niche reach within the D&I consortium. This helps our clients reach out to a massive pool of Diversity talent. But we don't just limit that to our own channels alone, we also reach out to the larger diversity-driven spectrum that we are an integral part of, basically the entire D&I ecosystem in the entire social media landscape. 

3. Act as a reference point, make apt recommendations, and introduce the right diversity talent without being invasive. A perfect example could be when recruiters reaching out to diversity talent on leading job boards and on LinkedIn are often not able to get a favorable response. This recruitment activity and the process is a huge waste of the recruiters' time. This is where Diverse Customer can help introduce genuine talent that is willing to engage with your brand and interested in opportunities that you may offer. Moreover, talent comes highly vetted as these are subscribers to our diversity content that has a very high journalistic fervor. This Diversity talent engages with us through our well-crafted groups and forums where we routinely share the best practices in the D&I areas globally.