2020 and The Next Decade!

A new year means a fresh start, a blank page, another opportunity to live your dreams. The birth of a new year brings a time for reflection as well as new beginnings. May 2020 and the next decade bring us all many gifts: gifts of hope... gifts of love... gifts of joy... and most of all, the knowledge that all things dream-able are also possible. It's a time to be thankful for how far we've come and to look with joyful anticipation towards a bright future.

Personally to me this year will be about intellectualizing than internalizing. I hope my blog readers, clients, candidates and diversity forums, groups + networks are blessed with delight, fulfillment, love, success, happiness, and peace in 2020 and a rocking decade ahead! Do not fear change. Embrace it. hashtag
Amit Anand