DiverseCustomer Shoutout to #EQUALPAY: Samira Ahmed : Resource for Negotiating As a Woman

Samira Ahmed, the presenter of NewsWatch TV sued the BBC for back pay after she learned that her male colleague, Jeremy Vine doing similar work (i.e. hosting a similar programme) was getting paid six times more than her. Samira discovered that she was owed almost  £ 700,000 in back pay. We are happy that the employment tribunal verdict has come out in her favor. A fabulous result not just for Samira Ahmed but for all women fighting for gender equality.

 It is shocking that many organizations don't feel that the pay gap is a gender issue. It is and there are statistics to prove it for any evidence including research after research that points to a rampant gender pay gap.

It is important to consider pay for the "job done" rather than just the "job description". Many women work above and beyond their job descriptions like men but do not receive adequate remuneration and recognition for their contributions. They are not promoted and even given any development opportunities solely because they are not seen as a long-term "asset" to the team. Primarily due to the affinity bias in which people like, promote and reward those most similar to themselves and this affects women disproportionately as senior managers are disproportionately male.

In this day and age where diversity is imperative and visible, we don't believe that men are the reason for pay discrimination but there is definitely a need to become more aware of the psychology behind the existence of a gender pay gap to achieve total pay equity across the board. 

Also, we are a firm believer that negotiating your pay based on your skillset is a must.

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