Our Thoughts and Prayers for the Wildlife We lost in Australia Fires šŸ™ + WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund

Credit: Trees for Better Future

Our thoughts and prayers are with millions of precious lives lost because of fires across Australia. This isn't a rant and angst against climate change and the unprecedented human apathy, deprivation and greed ravaging the planet in and out... but our heart goes out for millions of defenseless animals that have died because of it and multiple species we are destroying and endangering and have already lost by human activities. If this isn't a wake-up call, then we don't know what really is. Each one of us need to be accountable and responsible to work together in protecting the flora and fauna including recognizing the impact of climate change, over population and declining biodiversity.

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WWF has launched a global Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund to supply urgent care to wildlife organizations. Please help support by generously donating or spreading the message across your social media channels.